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Mr. Ross has written eight professional books, starting in the 1970s, read by tens of thousands of professionals worldwide.

His newest works are:

Works in the 1990s:

    The Business Rule Book The Business Rule Book,
    (1994, 1997)
    presenting a revolutionary formal approach to categorizing business rules and innumerable examples.

    Resource Life Cycle Analysis Resource Life Cycle Analysis,
    featuring a value-chain approach to business modeling and strategic planning for IT systems.

Works in the 1980s:

    Entity Modeling: Techniques and Application Entity Modeling: Techniques and Application,
    covering entity-relationship diagramming, one of the first and most widely read books in the area.

    Data Dictionaries and Data Administration Data Dictionaries and Data Administration: Concepts and Practices for Data Resources Management,
    featuring the first comprehensive discussion of metadata in the industry and introducing the idea of data as a corporate resource ... was widely regarded as the classic in the field.

Works in the 1970s:

    Data Base Systems Data Base Systems: Design, Implementation, and Management,
    focusing on the emergence and application of database technology.

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