Ronald G. Ross

What Attendees Have Recently Said about Mr. Ross's Presentations ...

"Simply great! We were deeply impressed."

~ Business Analyst, Independent European Government Agency

  • "Thought-provoking. Enjoyed it!"

  • "Love to listen to him. "

  • "Timely!"

  • "Enjoyed it - good job."

  • "Excellent presentation. Thanks. "

  • "Very informative. "

  • "Outstanding lead into the Conference - Always on POINT. "

  • "Excellent. "

  • "I really liked the presentation "

  • "Great job on putting together an understandable presentation. "

  • "Good overview, issues identified. "

  • "Very good presentation - very good at picking the right words to convey ideas and concepts! "

  • "Excellent speaker. "

  • "Excellent - really enjoyed messages to get out of "change deployment hell". "

  • "Always good to hear Ron speak. "

  • "Excellent presentation! It gave me a better understanding of what lies ahead for our organization. Thank you. "

  • "Very relevant. "

  • "I'll be using my notes from this session to try to convince others at my company "

  • "Thanks Ron for useful thoughts I can bring back to my team and put in practice immediately - also thank you for the constant business focus. "

  • "Always good."

  • "Enjoyed Ron's talk. Learned more about BR's outside of data modeling."

  • "Excellent!"

  • "Exceptional info and very well presented."

  • "Good coverage"

  • "Good experience."

  • "Takes me out of my BPM world and provides a different perspective to consider."

  • "Good speaker."

  • "Good topic, well presented."

  • "Great ideas!"

  • "Identified key steps for developing business rules. Gave us a place to start thinking about what rules we don't have and should have."

  • "Perfect at pointing out how we need to validate our business models."

  • "Very good content and great presentation skills."

  • "Very interesting."

  • "Filled a gap in my understanding."

  • "My favorite session in the entire conference. LOVED this."

  • "Great!"

  • "Excellent information, good delivery, kept my interest"

  • "Outstanding - very deep and insightful - a big help as a takeaway"

  • "Liked the theme that at the end of the day we must have common vocabulary and hold our business rules as valuable IP."

  • "Great intro on value of & using business rules"

  • "Great info and practical takeaways"

  • "This was great, different with the thought about accountability and a process of decisions."

  • "Very clear and articulate vision with great ideas for incremental growth"

  • "Excellent presentation. Thanks!"

  • "Thank you - very interesting"

  • "Very informative. Thank you."

  • "Excellent. Always a pleasure to listen to Ron talk."

  • "Very timely. "

  • "Thanks! Nice presentation."

  • "Very helpful"

  • "A very informative talk with a help focus on the business issues and challenges rather than IT."

  • "Excellent session"

  • "Very clear and easy to understand."

  • "Great talk at the right level. "

  • "Food for thought. Thanks!"

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